arysani ([personal profile] arysani) wrote2002-08-17 09:52 am
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Friends Only

Voila! Premier entry of [ profile] arysani...and its still a friends-only journal, so if you happen to stumble upon this however you do, add a comment to be added as a friend.

If you're looking for my fic, it's all at [ profile] shiptavern (though some of the older stuff is on ffnet). There are no fic updates on my personal journal. It's mainly workwank and my emo creys. I'm nearly 30, I'm entitled to a few "oh my god what am I doing with my life, why am I not married/rich/settled down and FOR THE LOVE OF CHRIST WHY ARE MY STUDENT LOANS RUNNING MY LIFE?!" bitchfests. The establishment owes me a Snickers.